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Buying Real Estate:

Buying real estate in California, as opposed to other states is different in terms of procedure and legal compliance and the contracts used are state approved and prepared by the Californian Association of Realtors.

Buying real estate entails all that is normal in a house hunt, perseverance diligence, reasonable expectations and a committed realtor representing your best interests exclusively. I believe I excel at representing the buyer side of the real estate transaction.

Not only do I enjoy the sharing of your ideas, desire, need and aspirations but I find the hunt is both a fun and stimulating process too. But to help facilitate the fulfilment of another’s desire to acquire a home is a pretty powerful and very satisfying experience.
Once a preferred property found it must be secured.  Once secured, due diligence commences. Each side of the transaction, buyer and seller have their responsibilities. The seller has various disclosures to provide. The Buyer has Inspections to conduct, satisfying the Loan requirements and the review of inspections, advisories and disclosures. These activities are to be conducted within the respective time frames set out in the contract and lead ultimately to full contingency removal. 
The right to inspections is an inherent right, and allows for making more informed decisions. A request for repair or remedy, should it be deemed necessary, although the seller is under no obligation to do so.

With my hands on approach and commitment to you during all of  these stages can be dealt with agreeably and smoothly, resulting in a happy and satisfying coming together of “Idea and Outcome”!  Mission complete.
The actual closing process and change of ownership is carried out by the following parties:

Escrow allows the buyer and seller to transfer property, per their contractual agreement, through a neutral party thereby assuring no funds or property will change hand until all terms and legal compliance issues have been met.
My preferred escrow company: West Coast Escrow

Title Insurance:
From the time a title order is received, the property undergoes title search and examination, preparation for and the conducting of the closing, the receipt and disbursement of funds, and the recording of documents and the issuance of a title policy.
My preferred title company:  Equity Title - Title Insurance and Settlement


Besides helping to take the worry out of purchasing a home with older systems and/or appliances, a home protection plan helps guard against potentially high costs of repairing or replacing items in case of a breakdown. Unexpected repairs can be expensive for most families. A home protection plan can help guard against some of the unexpected costs of home ownership.